domenica, ottobre 12, 2008

low-cost war

I found you on ebay for a dollar less
Surplus from the big Chinese family
Runaway from the gynoecium's nightmare
With a freeware software
I translate your name in the language of love
Spoilt Begonia
You hairs taste of burning copper and plastic
That night was so long
At noon we still staring at the sky
Waiting for the bombardiers´ rumble
Our name written with a piece of chalk
In the pregnant womb of nuclear gift
You whisper "come come"
White clouds without deepness
You wait for death and destruction
Few sits in business-war
Every boy brought arms from home
Or could buy on board
"you will be with me on a history book"
You whisper while I listen to an MP3 in loop
And the sun turn the shadows away from us
From the sea a neutrons sunset will greet us
Our bodies dissolved in the name of an idea
That we did not enough time to understand
Me and you on the screen riding the X-hour
 A bag full of kindergarten wastes
Won the low-cost battle
And the sand lashed
Our skin spotted by Nescafe
We will come back home on bus without ticket

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